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Recent Projects

Larry and Jan Skolnik’s Kitchen

New kitchen.
Project time to complete:  6 weeks from start to finish.


Larry and Jan had lived in their 1952 home in Portland, Oregon for about 35 years. The kitchen had only had some minor face lift updates since it was built. New counters, sink/faucet, floor and painting. They were ready for a new look and feel for this space. We took everything down to the studs. Swapped the location of the stove and refrigerator, put in all now cabinets, hardwood floors, granite countertops, tile backsplash, under cabinet lighting. We also installed a new under mount farm sink, air switch for the disposal and a new faucet. There are all new appliances. The existing pantry was taken out and replaced with a more up to date version. The cabinets were painted in place. This gives a much deeper look to the paint and whole different look to the kitchen.

Since they have a small dinette area we also built in a bench seat with cushions into the corner to give this space more room. The opening into the hallway and dining room were both slightly enlarged and the new opening goes all the way to the ceiling.

They are thrilled with their new look and everyone thinks they added on since the new layout looks so much better. This is the 5th project we have done for them over a period of 25 years. Great customers and have also become friends.


Terry Wollschuck Bathroom Project

Garden Home InteriorsNew bathroom.
Project time to complete:  5 weeks from start to finish.


This 1976 home in Beaverton, Oregon still had the original master bath and it was much in need of updating. Things were not arranged correctly in the space. The toilet needed to be moved for a larger vanity and we wanted to install a new linen closet. There was a sunken tub that you had to get down on your hands and knees to get into or out of.

Terry wanted that “Zen” look so that is what we gave her. Calming and oriental in feel it has given her a great new look. We installed a new tub with a tile surround with the tub at floor level. We had extra room at the right end of the old tub, where there was just a shelf, to build in a nice size linen closet. We moved the toilet to the left as you enter the bathroom, where before that was the first thing you saw upon entering the room.

There is a custom vanity, granite counter top with under mount sink, custom glass in the vanity doors and in the linen closet. Everything got a fresh coat of paint. She absolutely loves her new look and all her friends can’t believe how we revived this dated master bath.


Marlene Hamilton

Garden Home InteriorsNew kitchen.
Project time to complete:  6 weeks from start to finish.


Marlene has a home that is over 80 years old in the hills of SW Portland, Oregon. The kitchen was very dated. It had been remodeled once before maybe 30-40 years ago but the remodel did not fix a lot of the issues with the kitchen and was not done well.

We tore everything out down to the studs and started with a clean slate. My wife Pamela Fletcher worked on a design that would incorporate all of the elements that Marlene wanted in her new kitchen but still retain the feel of the existing structure. She blended old with new and came up with a fantastic new plan.

Marlene loves to bake so she now has a baking center with a butcher block top. All new cabinets and appliances. Quartz countertops with an under mount farm sink. We used a subway tile for the backsplash in a brick set pattern and then did a herringbone pattern on the backsplash for the baking center.

She loves it and it puts a smile on her face every day when she works in there. I recently was up there for another project and still am amazed at the transformation that took place in that kitchen .


Sharon Reynolds

Garden Home InteriorsNew flooring.
Project time to complete:  4 weeks from start to finish.


Sharon lives in a 100 year old home in the west hills of Portland, Oregon. It is a fantastic house but the kitchen, dinette and family room flooring was not in keeping with the style of the home. Someone had maybe 30-40 years ago taken out whatever was there before and put in 18” off white Terra Cotta based tiles. Sharon wanted to update this area with something that would fit the period of the house. We tore out all of the old tile down to the ship lap underneath. We then put in about 600 sq. ft. of 4” Oak in a Herringbone pattern. All of the wood was custom cut to 24” long. It took 2 days to lay out the pattern so it would come out perfect and 2 weeks to install it. There are literally thousands of pieces that make up this floor. It turned out fantastic and the customer loves it.


New House Dave and Paige

Garden Home InteriorsNew House.
Project time to complete:  8 months from planning stages to tear down of old house to living in new one.

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Dave and Paige are a young professional couple in Portland, Oregon who we finished a new house for recently. They both owned small homes but were in the process of getting married and of course would only need one home. Paige had a very nice, but small home in a very desirable area in SW Portland. It was on a nice level lot that did not give us any major challenges.

We worked with an architect that I have used many times in the past and he did a great job of incorporating every ones ideas into the final plan. My wife is of course an interior designer and she took the lead in that department. She gave us great direction on every aspect of the design. It would have been very difficult without her. We worked well as a team and all made contributions.

The process started in January to get the plans ready go over all the details and get our permits from the county so we could start building in June. We started June 1st and finished just slightly over 5 months later. So basically 5 months of planning and revisions and 5 months to build the house. It is about 2800 sq. ft. of Craftsman style home. It has a great open concept, which everyone is trying to achieve in their homes today. The finished home is exceptional as we have an amazing group of sub- contractors. Many have worked for us for over 20 years.

The house is very thermally efficient and the quality of construction is outstanding.


Portland Waterfront Condo

Garden Home InteriorsNew kitchen, hall bath, living/dining room, master bedroom and bath.
Project time to complete:  26 weeks from start to finish.

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We just finished this update on a condominium on the waterfront in Portland, Oregon. The customer had lived there for sometime and wanted to update the entire condo, but not move out. This was a challenge, as we had to do the project in two parts. Kitchen, hall bath, living/dining room first phase. Then office master bedroom and bath in the second phase. Every single thing in the condo was updated. All new light fixtures and recessed cans. All new cabinetry and appliances. All new shower and cabinets in the master bathroom. It took us about 6 months to complete and she is thrilled with the results. She said the only way she is leaving is with a toe tag on. In other words she plans staying there the rest of her life. Her dog “Charlie” has his own special bed in the master bedroom and in the living room. An electric fireplace was new for us but works great and we have used it again in a second condo project. There is a remote controlled adjustable bed in the living room that doubles as a window seat. She also had an antique electric train that we did a custom shelf for. It runs on a track about 1 foot off the ceiling all around the perimeter of the office. It makes smoke and sounds a horn all done by remote control. She loves her “new” condo in the heart of Portland on the waterfront.


Thurman Bathrooms and Family Room

Garden Home InteriorsNew master bath, hall bathroom and family room.
Project time to complete:  6 weeks start to finish.


Kathy Thurman has been a customer for almost 25 years. We have worked in two homes for her and are presently working in her home in Sun River. Her home in Portland was built about 20 years ago. Things were ready to be redone. We had worked in the kitchen about 5 years ago and updated that. Now we tackled the family room, master bathroom and the hall bathroom. We started with a clean slate in all three cases. In the family room we had a blank flat wall. We installed a fake wall to put our fireplace in and installed a gas fireplace with a tile surround and hearth. We put in a complete entertainment and bookcase unit. A Sony flat screen TV was added. We finished the whole thing off with a new couch and two new chairs. In the master bathroom and the hall bathroom we took everything out down to the studs. We did the hall bathroom first so that she would always have one working bathroom. We put everything new in the hall bathroom except for the existing vanity. In the master bathroom it was much more extensive. The toilet was in an extremely small room by itself and we took out that wall so it became part of the bigger room. All new tile heated floor, new windows, tile shower and new tub. We installed a Cherry cabinet with granite countertop and under mount sinks. Two matching mirrored medicine cabinets with sconces. It is like being at a “5 Star” resort. Kathy is very happy with the results and would not change one thing.



Garden Home InteriorsNew addition and Master bathroom
Project time to complete:  13 weeks start to finish.

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Yvonne and her husband Bill have a 1920’s bungalow in the Laurelhurst historic district of Portland Oregon. The upper floor had gone from probably storage only at one time to a converted master bedroom. Low ceilings and not too much room. A very odd arrangement for the master bathroom and an overall dated look. With architect Peter Grimm we bumped out the entire 2nd floor rear section with a dormer. This gave us 8’ ceilings and an additional very useful 450 sq/ft. We added a huge master bathroom with linen closet and heated floor. Walk in shower with pebble floor and a great vanity with double sinks and mirrors. The separation of the upstairs hallway and the master bedroom is actually a two sided cabinet wall. This allowed them great storage and a great back drop for their bed. All new Oak hardwood floors were added, his and hers closets, his and hers built in dressers with bench seats. All HVAC was handled with split ductless heater/air conditioners. There is a nice size sitting area with a flat screen TV. This is truly a “to die for” area anyone would be proud to say is their master suite. A “5 Star” experience.


Welter Bathroom

Garden Home InteriorsNew master bath suite on second floor.
Project time to complete:  8 weeks from start to finish.


The homeowner for this project lacked a suitable master bath on the second floor of his home. The existing bathroom was quite small and cramped, so we were asked to help find a solution to make the space larger, with better functionality.

Our solution was to eliminate a very small, unusable room situated next to the existing bathroom to add that space to the bathroom area. We removed the walls separating the two rooms, immediately giving the existing bath much more open space.

We designed a separate tiled shower and hot-soak soaking tub (which maintains a constant 202 degree temperature), and installed a custom-made vanity of mahogany-stained hardwoods, topped with clean, white marble. The tiled floor and richly-painted walls help maintain the traditional feel of this Tudor-style home, while still keeping the overall look modern and up to date.

Finally, we installed a stacking washer and dryer in a built-in closet as the finishing touch in this new space on the second floor. The homeowner previously only had access to a washer and dryer in the basement of the home. With the new addition of the stackables in the upstairs bath, the homeowner now has the option of doing laundry either in the basement or on the second floor, thus eliminating the need to carry baskets of laundry up two flights of stairs.


McKillip Kitchen

Complete kitchen remodel.
Project time to complete:  6 weeks from start to finish.

McKillip Kitchen


When this family decided to re-model their kitchen, there were several major design flaws we realized we needed to tackle right from the beginning.

Primarily, it was impossible to stand at the kitchen sink and work while the dishwasher door was open. There was also a lack of counter space, and the appliances, cabinetry, countertops and flooring were all out of date, and had lost much of their functionality.

At the top of this family's "wish list" was a desire to have multiple work stations, so everyone could work comfortably in the kitchen together. We accomplished this by shifting the positions of the major appliances to create a smooth flow throughout the kitchen, and adding a microwave range hood to free up valuable countertop space. Adding a separate prep sink in addition to the new oversized farmhouse sink also helped create more elbow room for everybody.

Updated lighting design, including overhead and under cabinet lights illuminate the space better, while all new appliances, new hardwood floors, and custom cabinetry made this kitchen feel brand-new.

The crowning glory on this gorgeous new kitchen are the iridescent tiles on the backsplash giving the entire space a touch of elegant, yet subtle sparkle. Brightly polished slab granite countertops also help balance casual style with updated sophistication.


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