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"Pamela has helped us with three homes, and we just love everything she did."
Jerry and Pat Erstgard

"I really like the way Bill took care f everything so I didn’t have to. I enjoyed working with him."
Susan Watts
Kitchen & Hall Bathroom Remodel


General Questions

Q: How do you charge?

ANSWER: It depends on the scope of what you hire us to do. We either charge by the hour or by the project. If you would simply like to hire us for consulting (this could be on colors, furniture placement, picture placement, plan of action or general decorating) we charge $65.00 per hour.

If you hire us to do a complete project (kitchen or bathroom remodel, for example), we charge a percentage of the total project cost for design and decorating services. Included in this charge is a project plan, project management and design coordination. We also take you shopping for all material selections, advising throughout the process to ensure a cohesive design for your entire space.

Q: Do you charge to come to my home and give me an estimate?

ANSWER: No. We do not charge for estimates on window coverings and general construction estimates. We do charge a fee for any subcontractors that would be needed on the project to give you an accurate estimate, such as a structural engineer.

Q: Of what size are the projects you typically do?

ANSWER: We do jobs of all sizes: from one window fitted with a mini blind, to whole house reconstruction and remodels.

Q: Is there anything you don't do?

ANSWER: Yes. We do everything for the interior and exterior of the home (including siding, windows, roofing, gutters, doors, painting, etc.) but we don't do landscaping. We can refer you to a qualified landscaper or landscape architect, but we do not do landscaping projects ourselves.

Q: Sounds great! What's the first step?

ANSWER: Call Garden Home Interiors and set up an appointment with Bill or Pamela to come out and look at your project. We're here to serve you!


Remodeling Questions:

Q: How long does it take to complete a typical kitchen project?

ANSWER:The actual time from start to finish will vary, depending on the size of the project. Material selections can take from one day to four weeks. Many kitchen projects are completed from tear out to completion in four to six weeks' time.

Q: What are the normal steps of a project from start to completion?

1. On site consultation
2. Written estimate for your project
3. Approval and contract signing
4. Design Consultation
5. Shopping for materials
6. Ordering of materials
7. Scheduling start of project
8. Implementation of design
9. Completion of project

Q: How does shopping for materials work?

ANSWER: A time is set up for consultation with Pamela to discuss the general direction of the project, and to get a feel of your lifestyle and what is important to you. Next, an appointment is set to actually go to different showrooms to help you pick out the materials needed for the project (i.e. cabinet knobs, granite slabs, tile, floor covering selections, etc.). After this trip, typically the customer returns home with samples and choices to consider.

This process is repeated until all the selections for materials needed are decided. This helps make your project a time of learning, and a fun and easy experience for our customers.

Q: What do I have to do to get ready?

ANSWER: We have found that the best way to prepare is to box everything up that you will not need during the course of the project and store it in a place away from the job site (i.e. garage, attic, spare bedroom). We can provide you, on request, a printed list of preparation ideas, tips and helpful hints.

Q: What if I have questions that come up through the course of my project?

ANSWER: Bill is on the job daily to supervise our subcontractors, answer any questions you may have, and deliver materials.

Q: What do you do about debris?

ANSWER: We recycle everything that is salvageable from your tear-out. We also will arrange for drop off and pickup of a dumpster at the job site for un-salvageable debris as long as it is needed.

Q: Am I responsible for cleaning up construction dust after my project is completed?

ANSWER: No. We have a cleaning crew that comes and cleans up everything related to the construction project for you. This service is included in the total cost of your project. It is only your responsibility to put your personal belongings back into place.

Should you desire the services of a professional organizer, we can refer you to one who is available to assist you. This service is contracted separately from your remodeling project.

Q: How long do you warranty your work?

ANSWER: All of our work is warranted for one year from completion of project.

Q: Do you work with architects?

ANSWER: Yes. We work with independent architects and also have an architect available that we can contract for you, should you need one.

Q: Do you do decks?

ANSWER: Yes, we can do decks of all sizes in a variety of materials.

Q: Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

ANSWER: Yes, to all of the above. We are also members in good standing of both the Oregon Remodeler’s Association (ORA) and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

Q: Sounds great! What’s the first step?

ANSWER: Call Garden Home Interiors and set up an appointment with Bill or Pamela to come out and look at your project. We’re here to serve you!


Design Questions:

Q: What styles of design do you do?

ANSWER: We specialize in all styles of interior design. We do help guide you in the decision making process, but we believe that you are the final decision maker, as it is your home and you will live with the choices made. We want your home to reflect your unique lifestyle and personality, so ultimately the final decision is all yours. We respect you and your home, and want the best outcome for your project, an outcome that you will love to live with for many years to come.

Q: I just need help selecting wall colors and draperies that are compatible with my existing furniture, but I don’t need any remodeling projects completed right now. Can you still help me?

ANSWER: Yes! Pamela is available on an hourly basis, if you simply need direction with selecting wall color, carpeting, floor coverings, furniture placement, or any number of other interior design projects.

Q: How long does it take to special-order furniture?

ANSWER: Typically, the process takes about six to eight weeks.

Q: Can you re-upholster my heirloom furniture?

ANSWER: Yes, we can reupholster any furniture piece, modern or antique. You can supply your own fabric, or select something special from our fabric library which contains thousands of unique fabric samples to choose from.

Q: Can you do a custom sewing project for me?

ANSWER: Yes! We have access to accomplished seamstresses who can create that special, one-of-a kind piece for your home. From custom-made bedspreads, furniture slipcovers or toss pillows to a new set of placemats, napkins and tablecloth to match your kitchen draperies, we can do it!

Q: What kind of window coverings do you offer?

ANSWER: We can supply your home with custom-designed Duette shades, top-down bottom ups, mini blinds, vertical blinds, plantation shutters, or any other kind of window covering you can possibly imagine! And, we offer competitive pricing and install everything ourselves, so you’re sure to get the perfect fit and top notch customer service every time!

Q: Sounds great! What’s the first step?

ANSWER: Call Garden Home Interiors and set up an appointment with Bill or Pamela to come out and look at your project. We’re here to serve you!


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